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Organic Wholesome Dining

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Vinyasa Yoga

Your instructor will guide you through a one hour session of Vinyasa Yoga prior to your meal.  Choose from three levels of yoga: Basics Flow, Intermediate, or Power Flow. For descriptions of each level, click here.  If you are unsure of which level to choose, your instructor will be more than happy to assist in your decision.

Channeling,Clairvoyant Sessions


•Get more connected to your higher guidance and intuition

•Finish up any unfinished business with your loved ones who have passed over

•Receive high vibrational healing and assistance to life’s many challenges

•Receive insight into your subconscious abstract thoughts and heal energy surrounding it

•Experience deeper understanding of your unique vibration and soul calling

•Receive spiritual insight in your daily lifestyle and personal choices

•Learn new techniques and receive in healing your relationships

•Learn about your spirit guides and Angels

Please see the instructor bio here.

Group Sound Healing and Channeled Meditation

Resonant vibration, rhythms and tones balance brain hemispheres, stress levels, and even tension in body tissues and cells that have fallen into dis-ease or dis-harmony. The use of tuned, deep-vibration instruments such as crystal bowls during healing and meditation can balance these dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony. Music and chanting have been used for thousands of years to heal and energize the mind, body and emotions.

Please see the instructor bio here.

Channeled Energy Session

Sound Healing calms the mind and therefore the body and significantly helps clear the subconscious mind of any known or unknown imbalanced thoughts or triggers to bring us back into our natural state of Peace, Harmony and Bliss.

Clearing our energy can open up our true potential as souls, and it allows light to flow through our systems uninterrupted, fueling us to reach higher and attract more Love and Harmony - creating a feeling of being supported in everything we do!


• Feel lighter, more grounded, centered and clear
• Release trapped emotional baggage weighing you down to move forward easier
• Learn about your past lifetime and ancestral karmic history and receive insight from your ancestors for clearing, healing old wounds
• Develop your spiritual abilities through energy activations, soul clearing, and removal of excess unwanted energy that doesn’t belong to you and or serve you anymore.
• Activate your sixth sense for seeing your future with more accuracy
• Understanding yourself in harmony with Mother Nature and healing the planet
• Caring for your relationships by healing those energetic cords and relationship contracts
• Learn about your spirit guides
• Connecting deeply with your Higher Self for stress relief and creating harmony within, peace
• Releasing anxiety and depression
Healing childhood wounds and trauma
• Releasing the energy in your chi causing deficiency in the body creating optimum health and vitality, finding the underlying conditions related to physical illness and releasing unwanted ill will toward you.
• Sealing in your energetic understanding of God

Please see the instructor bio here.

House/Space Clearing and Blessing


• Feeling safe and secure and at home in your space

• Creating your life in an uplifting environment

• Let go of the past, start new

• Raise the vibration for a new look and fresh beginning

• Feel a shift in you as your area makes it easier to create and follow through with new goals

• Better sleep

• Celebrate more

• Feel close to your partner in higher frequencies of love

• Healing from decisions of the past still lingering

• Create boundaries with spirit and or unwanted influences

Please see the instructor bio here.

The founding owner of Zen~Yum, Shelly Ritenour, believes group interaction to be healing as well as rewarding. Using this mindset she practices this activity using rocks, whether in guiding her yoga classes or simply around the dinner table with family during the holidays.

Selecting a rock to then focus on its word and the ways in which it can benefit your life in wellness or perhaps sheds light on needing some attention to yourself or another.

Most often, Shelly finds when one is given a word to focus on, either hand-chosen or selecting  randomly from a box, that person finds themselves experiencing an unexpected awakening. For instance... a rock saying LAUGH. This rock, when chosen, poses the most difficulty in searching for a deeper meaning. Silence fills the room when it is their turn to share. The leader steps in to guide with a few open questions:

How does it feel to laugh?

When you laugh, does it change your mood, perhaps another's nearby?

Can you just burst out laughing without a purpose?

Did you know laughter exercises are used as therapy? In yoga too as a diaphragm exercise?

It releases feel good hormones too.

Group exercises such as these are invaluable and often overlooked by many when it comes to the holistic and healing benefits they have to offer.  This is just one practice of many that Shelly likes to incorporate into her daily guided Vinyasa Yoga classes!