Our Team​

We love building products for you

Alicia McNaughton

Owner of The Holistic Mystic

• Intuitive Development Teacher

• Multidimensional Healer

• Trance Vocal Channel/Psychic-Medium

• Reiki Master, Light Language Sound healer

• Crystal Healer, Shamanic Medicine Woman

• Holistic Health Practitioner

Alicia partners with Zen~Yum in offering sound healing, channeled energy sessions, channeling clairvoyant readings, group sound healing and meditation, and house/space clearing and blessings.  If you are interested in additional services that Alicia has to offer, visit her website at


She is also a proud supporter of the WIT foundation and donates 10% of her profit from Zen~Yum events to WIT!

Nichole Ferro

Owner of So Hum

    Nichole partners with Zen~Yum and offers the purchasing of her delicious chocolate as a sweet treat for your guests after your Zen~Yum dining experience. She is the owner of her own business, So Hum.  If you are interested in purchasing her chocolates for your event, check them out on the Dining Details page!

So Hum is an artisan, hand-crafted, conscious, vegan, dark chocolate created to heighten the health of your body and mind.

    Our chocolate is made in a home kitchen with the intention to deliver you a dose of deliciously creamy love medicine.

Nichole packaged up her love for healthy food and consciousness into one guilt free tasty treat for everyone to enjoy, everyday! Be sure to read the eating instructions on the back of package.

For more information about Nichole's chocolate, visit her website at  www.sohumchocolate.com


Holistic Himalayan Salt Lamps

    Chi~ Vida partners with Zen~Yum in selling their holistic Himalayan Salt Lamps. They are pleased to provide high quality salt, benefit cards, and fully believe in their product helping with various respiratory conditions,  etc.

If you are interested in buying one of their salt lamps, visit out store!

We love building products for you

Riane Nesper

Wellness Advocate/ Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils

Zen~Yum is pleased to partner with Young Living essential oils!

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils with 25 years of industry leadership. They are the only essential oil company in the world who owns and partners all of their own farms. They broke the mold with their strict seed to seal process to ensure customers are getting nothing but the highest quality oils. Riane fell in in love with the company because of the impacts the products made on her family’s well being. She is  extremely passionate about sharing about the company and products in hopes of helping others.

If you are interested in buying directly from her, follow this link!

Evan Meyer

Owner of ballsnpits

 As the ultimate powdering, anti-perspiring, and deodorizing solution, balls'N'pits was created to be as simple, authentic, fairly priced, straightforward, fun and EFFECTIVE as humanly possible.

There's enough BS out there, so we're taking a stand. Just look at the ingredients - we ain't messin' around. This product rocks, and so will your b's, p's, and perhaps even your feet or hair should you so decide. AND, you better believe it's made with love.

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Baking Soda (aluminum free) Lavender Essential oil, Tea Tree oil.