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Shelly Ritenour

RYT200 Certified / Nutritionist

The way in which we nourish our bodies internally is reflected outwardly through the kindness we extend to others. I have been a promoter of healthy eating and a firm believer in the mind, body, and soul connection my entire life, moreso in the past 15 years.

My education as an RYT200 yoga instructor and certified nutritionist specializing in organic, healthy and vegan meal preparation has led me to further discovering my passion. To add to my holistic practice, I am currently working toward becoming a certified Reiki healer. 

"I'm a firm believer that our body is a sacred temple. The nutrients we choose to consume and the peace we collect allows life to flow effortlessly." 

Time shared in the comfort of your own home with family and close friends while enjoying wholesome, deliciously healthy food has always been important to me.  I envisioned a way to combine all three of my passions that equal a formula of healthy living and a healthy soul: yoga, cooking, and family/friend relationships.  What better way to celebrate those close to our hearts than by inviting them into our sacred temple that we call home?  

The formula is solved...with a cleansing yoga session followed by a shared meal with close family and special friends,  ultimately enlightening the mind, body, and soul. Laughter, paired with togetherness, creates cherished memories that will last for years to come. 

  Zen~Yum is honored to guide and be a healthy ~holistic addition to these memories!